About us

Edilplus is a company operating in the construction sector offering a wide range of services in able to cover every customer’s need.
Founded in 2007, Edilplus has evolved and grown over the years, counting today on 2 operational offices and a team of internal and external collaborators committed to proposing tailor-made solutions and following every phase of the work related to design, construction or renovation, maintenance, planning permission applications and cadastre updating, for residential, retail, workplaces or industrial buildings.
Contact us for a personalized consultation and we will give you the solution that suits your needs.

Our Team

Managing director

Geom. Giovanni Piazzolla


  • Arch. Giorgina Piovene Porto Godi
  • Arch. Raffaella Della Torre
  • Geom. Luca Calora
  • Arch. Aline Magalhaes
  • Arch. Federica Silipo
  • Geom. Antony Silvi Marchini
  • Per. Ind. Mattia Prete
  • Arch. Ilaria Cimino
  • Geom. Leonardo Di Ciaula
  • Geom. Dennis Tolipano